Chanel Anderson

If you haven't booked Kayla yet, I highly recommend doing so! She was absolutely amazing to work with on my wedding day! I appreciate how easy going, ,fun, bubbly, & professional she is & the attention to detail she has. Her vibes are flowy, inovative, & boho. She is top notch, & that showed when I decided to swtich things up with my hair last minute on wedding day. Kayla, thanks for making my girls & I's hair visions come to life. 10/10!

Katie Joy 

Kayla literally made my dreams come true on my wedding day! I have horrible luck with my hair, & all I wanted was to not worry about it on my wedding day. I was blown away by how much I loved it! Kayla is SO positive & sweet. She's engaging, professional, & really listens to your "hair goals" for your day. Working with her the morning of my wedding was one of my favorite parts of that day! We're your biggest fans, Kayla! 10000% the best choice!

Kaylee Slepica

Kayla went above & beyond my expectations for my wedding hair! She is so sweet, so bubbly, & a wonderful addition to our wedding day! Kayla was able to take my ideas & create something so much more than I envisioned. She is extremely talented, & really cares about the little details. I can say with full honesty, that every single one of us LOVED our hair! I absolutely recommend her to any bride, & would hire her again & again!






Clean or Dirty Hair?

Please come to your appointment with CLEAN, DRY hair. If you know for a fact you dont have oily hair, day old hair is fine. But any natural oil/grease at the scalp is extremely difficult to work with.

How should I prep my hair for wedding day?

This varies for each person, depending on hair type. We will discuss a customized plan for your hair prep at your trial. If you have fine hair that doesn't hold a curl well, it's best to prep with a volumizing mousse. I recommend Kevin Murphy's "Body Builder", which I carry in studio, and sell online. If you have extremely curly or highly textured hair, & you know you'd like it smoothed out for the big day, it's best to get a blow out the day prior.

How long does hair take for each person?

I plan an hour for my brides, & 45 minutes for every other person. If we have the time, it's always a good idea to have a 30 minute window at the end for wiggle room.

How do I book Bridal Services?

Go to "Wedding Inquiries" in the main menu. Fill out a wedding day request form. A brochure will be sent to you immediately. As soon as I have a chance to review your request details, & confirm that I have the requested date available, I will contact you to move forward with wedding day details.

How can I book my hair trial?

All hair trials are booked with me in my studio located in Sola Salons in West St. Paul. I am located in Suite #40, at their Robert Street location! I am in the studio for bridal trial appointments Mondays, Wednesdays, & Thursdays 9am-4pm only. I highly recommend not waiting to book your hair trial with me, as my books fill up fast, but also recommend to book your trial appointment as CLOSE to your wedding day as possible. No more than 2-3 weeks out is ideal, so that your wedding hair details are fresh in my mind for the big day! To book your hair trial, head to "The Studio" page of this website. Scroll down to the bottom of the page, and click, "Book Studio Appointment". I also have links in my IG bio for easy booking!

What should I bring to my hair trial?

Your pretty little self, any accessories, hair extensions, and/or a veil if you're considering wearing one! Maybe Mom or a girlfriend for shits and giggles - mostly giggles.

Should I get extensions for my wedding day?

The short answer is extensions add so much fullness, & make everything more amazing. The long answer is, it really depends on the look and style you're going for on wedding day, and what type of hair you already have to work with. In general, most of the big, boho braids and down styles you see on pinterest & on instagram involve some type of extensions. So unless you're naturally blessed by the hair gods in both length and thickness, you'll most likely need some artificial help to acheive that specific look. For many updos, extensions aren't always necessary.

When should the bride get their hair done on wedding day?

Preferrably not first, and not last. Somewhere in the middle is great! I always plan an hour for my brides. If possible, it's best to have makeup done first, so your makeup artist won't have to be so careful not to ruin the hair when applying airbrush, moving hair out of your face, etc. We can always trade ladies in and out too, to make sure the bride is done by a designated time. For example, if I have a bridesmaid in my chair, and we need to get started on the bride in order to have her finished by a specific time, we can flip-flop, and then return to doing the bridesmaid's hair after the bride is all finished being glammed up!

Is there a price difference between updos & down styles?

No. I charge one flat rate per bridesmaid/MOB across the board. Down styles are NOT quicker, because I spend extra time on setting, and making sure these curls are going to last for an entire wedding day. It's not the same as every day curls. I charge for a combination of my time and experience, and not for what look we choose.

Keratin Bonds

How long do they last?

3-5 months depending on your hair type, lifestyle, how fast your hair grows, and how well they are taken care of. My average client wears them for 4 or 4.5 months. Brunettes can tend to get longer wear closer to 5 months, because the bonds are even more invisible in darker hair.

Can you re-use the hair?

No. The bond is made out of a keratin protein, and once the bond is softened with our heat transfer system, the bond cannot be re-softened or re-used.

Will extensions damage my hair?

With any method there is always the potential for damage. A large part of safe extension wear is educating my clieints to take care of them properly at home. The other huge factor is weight distrubution. At Kayla Anne Hair Co. I specifically chose and made the decision to ONLY offer & specialize in the 2 methods that have natural hair health at the forefront of their mission. Equal weight distribution is a HUGE component of both of the methods I offer. I fully stand behind, and have personally worn both Keratin Bonds & IBE, to make sure for myself that I could be certain they were safe for my clients. Both proper at home care and removal by a certified specialist ensure safe extention wear. & did you know? The GL keratin protein bond expands and contracts when hot/cold or wet/dry, just like the keratin protein in our natural hair strands. This eliminates the "pinching" or "snapping" of the natural hair you see with metal and plastic bead attatchments.

Can I color my hair with extensions in?

Yes! Both color retouches, & foil touch up's in between applications! Our hair is 100% human hair, and can be treated as such. We do not recommend bleaching the actual hair extensions, however. It is always best to acheive your ideal color beforehand, and then custom match your hair extensions to your existing hair color. At Kayla Anne Hair Co. we offer a Keratin Bond "Extension Foil" add-on for our blondie with dark roots, where we take the extra time to weave in and out of your bonds to break up the depth from your roots, and help your extensions keep blending in as they grow out.

How much do they cost?

The cost of Keratin Bonds varies greatly, due to many factors: The length of hair ordered, and the amount of hair needed to match your natural density or acheive the overall look you are going for. There is no one size fits all. This is a completely custom service. A look you see on one person may cost you twice as much, or half the cost of what that other person paid. Gap services start at $225. Volumizing services start at $450. Lengthening services start at $900. My average clients doing a lenghthening services, usually do between 3-4 bundles, which is an average cost of $1350 - $1800. If your hair is extremely thick this price could go up, and/or we may have to start looking into IBE as a better option for you!

Why Keratin Bonds?

Virutally invisible, light-weight, flexible, comfortable, & safe to wear. Style it, swim with it, work out with it, throw it up in a bun, curl it, brush it. It's basically your hair, and will fit your busy, low maintenance life style. Keratin bonds are super tiny, & made out of a synthetic keratin protein, mimicking the same keratin in our natural strands, which means it expands & contracts just like our natural hair when wet/dry, or hot/cold. The hair air-dries with a soft, natural, beachy wave. What's not to love?

What is the maintenance like?

Great Lengths are actually pretty dang low-maitenance. But there are 3 important parts to taking care of them: 1. Using a quality, sulphate free shampoo & conditioner. Highly recommend the Kevin Murphy brand for use with hair extensions. Sulphates, and the chemicals in cheap shampoos will break down the keratin bonds of your extensions faster. It's so important to switch over to an extension safe shampoo/conditioner. 2. Brushing your bonds with the extension brush provided by Kayla Anne Hair Co. A custom hair extension brush made to go right over your tiny bonds from scalp to ends. This is SO IMPORTANT to prevent matting from happening in your hair!

Do I need a consultation for hair extensions?

Yes! For both Keratin Bond & IBE, free consults are required at Kayla Anne Hair Co. At your consultation, we will discuss your desired look, install options/maitenance, & pricing. We will custom color match you, go over the hair ordering + deposit process, and can get your installation date on the books! Then we celebrate, & count down the days to dream hair!

How do I book a consultation?

All hair extension consults are completely free, 30 minute appointments, that can be booked with me in the studio! My studio is located in Sola Salons - Robert Street Location, in West St. Paul. You can visit "The Studio" page on this website, scroll down to the bottom of the page, and click, "Book Studio Appointment" to be taken to my onine booking. I am in the studio for hair extension consultations Mondays, Wednesdays, & Thursdays from 9am - 4pm.

Gap, Volumizing, & Lengthening Services... What's the difference?

A Gap Service is a custom exension service focused on filling in an area, gap, or a hole in a haircut or hairstyle. This can be beacuse of breakage or thin sides, that won't grow with the rest of the hair. A Volumizing Service is done by spacing Keratin Bonds throughout the entire head to acheive a fuller look. The purpose isnt to acheive extra length, but just to give more body and volume to a hairstyle. Lengthening Services acheive both volume and length, for a big makeover. It requires the most amount of hair to be used.


What is IBE?

Invisible Bead Extensions using the highest quality, exlusive Covet & Mane hand tied hair. IBE is hand tied hair extensions, with a completely seamless blend both on top & underneath your rows. NO beads are visible using this method. IBE is the only hand tied method out there, with completely invisible beads for a seamless, gorgeous "flip up" when wearing your hair up or doing variations in styling. IBE takes the health of the natural hair and scalp very seriously, which is why after interviewing with multiple big name methods, I chose them. They specifically designed their install method to be flexible, with no tensions spots, & equal weight distribution. This means that the weight of the wefts of extension hair are equally distributed across the row, by a tiny row of silicone beads, lined up in a "U" shape around your scalp. Equal weight distribution = healthy scalp + natural hair!

What is the maintenance like, & is the hair re-usable?

The hair is re-usable, and usually lasts between 6-8 months. This depends heavily on how well the hair is taken care of at home. You should always be using a heat protectant, leave in oil, and brushing daily to make sure your hair stays as healthy as possible. After this amount of time, the hair will need to be replaced. You can expect maintenance appointments to move up your rows every 7-10 weeks. At Kayla Anne Hair Co., it is $150 per row for move ups at maintenance appointments.

How much do they cost?

New clients, getting their first install can expect to pay anywhere from $1300 - $2000 for a full lengthening service. This includes the cost of hair, custom root + color blend, cut, style, + an extension care essentials take-home package from Kayla Anne Hair Co. Volume-only IBE services start at $600. Move up & Maintenance costs are $150 per row, every 7-10 weeks.

How should I take care of my IBE extensions?

Daily brushing at the top of the wefts, & through mids + ends is essential to prevent tangling & matting.

What is the consultation process like?

The day of your appointment, you'll arrive at the beautiful, newly built Sola Salons location off of Robert Street in West St. Paul. We have a nice, big parking lot right out front, and my studio is front of the house, right next to the main entrance doors! I'll be sending you a pre-appointment message with check-in details, and some pre-cautionary Covid information, & then I'll greet you at the main entrance, and let you into the building! At your consult, we'll go over ANY additonial questions you might have, that weren't answered on the website, assess your natural hair density & condition in person, talk about your current hair struggles, and the goal you're trying to achieve! All of this will help us decide which of the two methods will be best for your hair & lifestyle, or if a hybrid method - utlizing a little bit of both would be the best option! Once you're comitted to the "Mermaid Hair" life, we'll custom color match you, take pictures of your hair (for the custom root coloring I'll do on your extensions, once they come), and process your non-refundable deposit payment! Then it's official, baby! ** Happy Dancing! I'll get right on the hair ordering process, and as soon as I have a shipping confirmation, I'll reach out about upcoming open dates for install!

Can I color my hair with IBE in?

ABSOLUTELY! Although, I highly recommend avoiding bleach on your high quality hair, to protect it's integrity. It's always best to have your goal color first, and then color match & install to blend with that. But regular root touch ups, or foils on your natural hair while wearing IBE is totally okay!

What is the difference between Keratin Bonds & IBE?

The main difference is the way they are attached. IBE is wefts, or light weight sheets of hair place around your head shape in a "U" pattern and then stiched in a row onto silicone lined beads. Hand Tied Hair is a super luxurious, trendy method, with a lot of fullness really fast, but also a bit more maintenance - involving at home care and move up appointments, with hair you can re-use. Keratin Bonds are tiny, single-strand pieces, we custom place throught the entire head to achieve a desired look. They are relatively low maintenance, with no move up appointments, and are super free-moving. The hair also cannot be re-used, and new hair must be purchased every time you need a new set!