So happy you're here - I can't wait to meet you!

I know trusting a new stylist with your hair can feel overwhelming, which is why I put together an entire section of my website, just for you! Everything you need to know - all in one place!


What   to Expect

The experience starts as soon as you submit your appointment request using Kayla Anne Hair Co's online booking system, which you will be re-directed to, when you click the link below! As soon as your request is submitted, I will double check to make sure the date, time, and services selected, make the most sense for your hair, and we'll make it a date! You will receive an official message once your appointment has been approved!

On the day of your appointment, you will pull up to the beautiful, newly built Sola Salons building located off of Robert Street in West St. Paul! You will know you are in the right place when you see the big "Sola" sign out front! We have a spacious parking lot right next to the building, just for guests to park in!

Once inside the Kayla Anne Hair Co. Studio - a cozy, private, single chair, specialty salon suite - we will sit down together to have a 15 minute consultation about your current hair, and your future hair goals! Tell me everything, Sis! What you're loving, what you're not loving, your hair hopes & dreams, & what is and is not currently working, etc. Together, we will come up with the perfect plan to help you achieve your hair goals, and a maintenance plan that will fit your lifestyle! I promise to always be transparent and honest about what I think will and will not work for your hair!

If you are in for color, a formula(s) will be custom blended for you, and recorded in my system, so it's always ready and waiting at each visit to be referred back to!

We have WiFi, Trader Joe's Organic Cold Brew, Chilled Coconut Lattes, Sparkling Water, and refreshing Lilikoi Lychee Hawaiian Sun - shipped to us straight from Hawaii - to sip on while your extensions are being installed, or your color is being processed. (If you have never had a Hawaiian Sun, please inquire about this with me. It's our specialty drink, and we would love to change your life.) We also offer phone chargers for your convenience, and have a beautiful, large picture window, letting in lots of gorgeous natural light!

We will finish your service with a blow out, and/or Kayla Anne Hair Co.'s signature beach waves, & of course the obligatory Instagram photo shoot!

At the Kah Co. Studio, we live and swear by Kevin Murphy & Moroccan Oil Products! We carry our favs from each line in the studio for the in-person shopping experience, but stock both of the complete lines in our online store!


Check out a few photos of our cute little space, below!



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