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So now that we’ve all popped the seams on our yogas, (that none of us were actually doing yoga in) & voluntarily confined ourselves to our couches to bask in our post-thanksgiving pie induced comas, I’ve got time to do a little intro. Luckily, I can write my way through a food coma. Most of you know me as @kaylannehair, but I’ve been intending to create a public space where I can share beyond braids & hair extensions! My name is Kayla Anne. I’m a wife, girl mama of 2, a hairstylist, a Christian, a lover of palm trees, & of the arts. I’m a hobby dabbler in all things creative: writing, styling, music, photography, cooking, planning vacations to kill time, & design [kind of]. Mostly, I’m trying to survive parenting, the most ambitious art of them all! I’m a believer in balance. I’m a believer in being the best you can be, but accepting imperfections. In life, in friendships, in marriage, in self love, & in parenthood. I want to blog, but I don’t want to be a blogger. I want to write freely when I feel like I have something cool to share, but not feel chained to a schedule of dispensing good content or writing for the sake of filling a gap in a timeline of posts. Let’s call me a hobby blogger! A hobby blogger of beauty, braids, motherhood, & marriage!

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