A Bridal Trial can be scheduled with your Lead Artist, Emily, via email.
She is a freelance artist, without a salon base, & hosts her bridal trials at Schmidt Artist Lofts, in St. Paul, MN. Emily is able to reserve & have access to private rooms, specially booked out for your time together, on whichever date & time you decide on for your hair trial!

We recommend booking your hair trial no more than 2-3 weeks ahead of your wedding date! You are more than welcome to bring a VIP person to your hair trial, but we ask that you keep it to one guest, because there just isn't always room to accommodate all of the very special people in your life - & we know there's a lot!

Anyone in the wedding party can book a hair trial ahead of wedding day. Each trial is $125, & can be paid directly to Emily on the day of your service with her. It is helpful to bring along inspiration photos, any jewels, flowers, or pins you plan on wearing in your hair, and/or wedding day earrings. It is also helpful to wear a bit of makeup to your trial, to help you get an overall feel for the entire look. You do not need to bring your veil to your hair trial.

The Schmidt Artist Lofts are split up into 2 buildings.
The address to Emily's building is:

876 W 7th St
St. Paul, MN 55102

There is quite a bit of street parking surrounding the Artist Lofts, or there is the option to park in the Keg & Case parking lot, if you don't mind a short walk!
Emily will send you a map view of the area, with highlighted, designated parking areas, and directions on how to check in with her when you arrive!

To schedule your hair trial, please click the button below to contact Emily via email, to let her know you are ready to set up a time for your bridal trial: